27th Jun 2012 07:50am
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Just a small rant this morning... the BBC News website is running a story about a Charity doing research into sex in prisons in the UK and upon reading it I noticed a certain Ms Crook stating (near the bottom of the article)

"If you have a 15-year-old who is jailed for two years, they are missing out on what their friends are getting which is the development of their relationships, girlfriends and so on".

My response - well two - to that is A) Some may have boyfriends - get real and with the times and B) They did the crime, so that is part of their punishment. You can't just expect a person to commit a crime at 14/15, get jailed for it, but then get priviledges JUST because they're missing out on having sex with their partner/bit of the side. Load of bollocks Ms Crook, complete utter bollocks. They know what they face when doing something illegal, so it's their own fault. Pfft! That is all. Oh and Good Morning Britain.

» BBC News: Sex in prisons to be studied by Howard League


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