4th Jun 2012 01:59pm
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And our final mass of Manday posts is the recently turned 18 year old Diving sensation (remember - as he states on his Twitter - he's a DIVER, not a SWIMMER!)... it's the very handsome Tom Daley in these very interesting pictures from yesterdays Fabulous Magazine in The Sun on Sunday (or as I call it, The SUNday)

Tom Daley
Tom Daley
Tom Daley
Tom Daley


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12th Jun 2012 01:35

you mean he is straight???
By Jonathan

12th Jun 2012 09:07

"Supposedly" yeah...
By Dale

28th Jun 2012 15:38

who cares - look at that boday
By tanya

6th Jul 2012 19:11

wtf :)

15th Jul 2012 06:27

As strange as His comment was. Some boys dress up to look like Girls... I'd bet a pound or two it's that sort of girl Tom is aiming for. As for him offering himself up as Str8... not - a - fkn - hope - in - hell - he's straight.
By 0143

31st Jul 2012 06:14

Hmm...I so would with him ;)
So, he's a "tranny chaser", eh? Good, cause I'm one of the boys that dress up to look like girls...Drag queen ftw!

By Jas

11th Aug 2012 03:28

Tom daley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you take my breath away!!!! whoever ends up with you would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooo extreamly lucky! btw: ur an awesome diver!
By becca <3

11th Aug 2012 22:06


12th Aug 2012 08:55

:omg he's such a hottie
By mayo

30th Oct 2012 00:48

im surprised u havent put up the semi naked pics yet dale hahaha ! :)
By johnny

19th Mar 2013 10:25

By jade earp

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