28th May 2012 05:25am
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In the early hours of Monday 28th May 2012, around 3.30am, residents in South-East London were woken up to what has been described as an air-raid siren. (I do feel sorry for any elderly person that gets woken up by that - I'd personally shit my pants and run for cover with a tin hat and a gun*)

As far as reports are going - considering BBC News haven't even mentioned a single bit about it (let down!!) - there's supposedly a fire in the Greenwich area, with about 70 firefighters currently tackling it. Plenty of pictures and videos have been uploaded to Twitter, so I'll post a few of them below and keep updating this post with more information as it becomes available.

The fire is at a chemical processing plant in Greenwich, which would explain why some people are saying they can smell something similar to sulphur in the air. The Fire Brigade have asked to keep your windows shut as they continue to tackle the blaze.

6:05am - Reports that the siren is now silent.

The London Fire Brigade have issued more information about the incident on their website.

12 fire engines and around 60 firefighters are tackling a fire at a chemical processing plant on Peterboat Close in Greenwich, SE10.

Around half of the industrial unit, which measures approximately 40 x 80m is alight.

Firefighters were called at 0327. Crews from Greenwich and the surrounding area are at the scene.

Due to the heavy smoke, the Brigade has received a number of calls from people across south east London. It is not thought that the smoke is harmful in any way, however, fire chiefs are advising people in the area to keep their doors and windows closed as a precaution.
From: London Fire Brigade

Image by: @adamcprice

Image by: @JackDavidNash

Image by: ITV News

Image by: @geoffhill5News

* For legal reasons, I do not own a gun.

Well I decided to send an email into Steve Allen at LBC and got a nice response back from him.

The response:

Everything is under control now as far as eye witnesses have stated.

Image by: @LBC_Dan

** Last Updated: 07:10am **


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28th May 2012 05:53

thx for the info. you have more info than the local news!

why is the local news failing here?

By Duncan


28th May 2012 05:57

No probs Duncan. I saw a lot of people were asking what was happening, so I've done the mini-research on it... and as far as I know, only ITV have actually done some proper coverage of it. BBC News still have nothing on their website. I'm very let down by them.

By Dale Hay


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