25th May 2012 05:43am
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Well I finally got around to learning how to make applications for Android phones after downloading a million and one different programs and development kits from here, there and everywhere and spending countless hours reading tutorials and shouting at my screen when things weren't working correctly. Definitely not something I'd recommend to do if you suffer from high blood pressure.

Anyways, once I'd got the slight jist of the programming language (which for Android is Java (yuk!)), I was thinking what on earth to actually make. Now obviously anything you can think of has pretty much been created, so the only thing to do is basically jump on the band wagon and copy some ideas from various already released applications. With that I decided to do a copy of my old program that I made many years ago for the Windows operating system, Dale's Converter.dhConverter (Android)

Dale's Converter is basically a small application that allows you to convert metric units to imperial units, imperial to metric and also convert between various different types of temperatures. It was my first mainstream program and it gained over 10,000 downloads throughout the internet in the first year of it being released.

So, after about 4 hours of programming (without many episodes of screaming and shouting) it started taking shape. Another hour afterwards and I had completed the Temperature section of the program. It fully works and allows me to convert between Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Rankine, Delisle, Newton, Raumur and Rmer - as you can see to the right.

All I need to get to work and do now though before I fully release it is complete the Metric to Imperial and Imperial to Metric section. These sections will allow you to convert different sizes, weights, lengths, volume, etc. This should take me a day or two to complete.

It should then be ready for release on the Android Market / Google Play. Now I know there's loads of programs similar to it, but while sorting the last two sections of the application out, I will try my hardest to find something that I can add into the application that IS relevant and that isn't in any of the other converters.

I will update you in the next couple of days with how well I'm doing and also if and where it's available for download.

Oh and if you've not already noticed, I'm calling it dhConverter.


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