8th May 2012 05:13am
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Back in 2005, I originally wanted dalehay.me (then .com) to be JUST a blog for me to post random crap on that more-than-likely no one will read, however I started to get a few returning faces that'd comment on stories and what-not, so I ended up expanding the site into a blog and forum (as forums were all the rage back in those days), so my returning members can have a good old natter without clogging up my post comments. Then I thought, well how can I achieve even more popularity? Now because I had my slightly ok-ish amount of programming knowledge, I decided to post tutorials and then submit them to various tutorial link sites and gain traffic from them. Most of these tutorials though were posted as normal blog posts (so they slotted into my feed), which has made me thing if I need to clean a few bits up on here.

The reason being is that because, according to my (quite shocking, especially the past two weeks) stats, the main reasons people come onto this site isn't for any of the other pages like the 3 programs I created (Dale's Converter, dhSpy and DuMP) or the page how to learn Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star by the "fingering" technique (don't giggle, that's the official term - trust me!), so these pages are basically just sitting there collecting dust. Soooo I'm going to be just keeping the main blog posts, merge the about page onto the front page [hmmm just found a random toenail on my desk, oh sorry], then all the other links (like to my other site UK TV Channels and my good mate Peter's Inspirational Man blog) will be in a menu somewhere (not sure about top or side yet). So it looks like I'm going to have to get the oldť pen and paper out and start making some doodles.

Talking of doodles, I hope I'm not the only one that gets this, but you know when you picture something in your head - nice and vividly, you can see the colours, gradients, glows etc... however when you either draw it on a piece of paper or in a graphics editing piece of software, it doesn't look the same. Well it looks miles off and totally poo. Please say I'm not the only one...


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