9th Apr 2012 04:04pm
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Eh, see what I did there... COM to ME (Come To Me) ... ahhh I'm a clever fucker. Anyways, yes, after scouting around frantically for a backup of my database for dalehay.com, I came across an old one and then just had to get all the stories that weren't in it from the Internet Archive. Thank goodness I didn't put a block on it.

So, at the moment some pages will have images missing (I'm still scouting for them) and other than that it's all the same really ... oh shit, yeah one main thing, I couldn't get the .COM back because some money hungry company have nicked the domain and refuse to give it back unless I pay them $2,200 - which they can go and shove that up their arses, so instead it's now a more personal .ME, because the site is about, well, ME. He he.

Sometime soon you will expect a huge post from me explaining everything that's gone on in my life since I last posted on here - along with updates about my health and my chest


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