22nd Aug 2010 11:38pm
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The time had finally came last week. Tuesday approached and I was starting to get very nervous - so I said goodbye to my friends and family and they wished me the best of luck. However halfway through the day, what goes and happens? Yes, you guessed it... the hospital phoned up and said the operation is cancelled due to lack of bed space - now this is the day BEFORE the operation, you can imagine how pissed off I was, but just as I was about to crack open a beer and chill out they phoned straight back up again and said the surgeon had said that he'll get me in for that operation tomorrow no matter what! Obviously the smile came back on my face and the nerves went through my body once again.

I had to be up and at my Mother's house for 6.30am as I had to be at the hospital for 8am. I arrived there at 6.45am and was very nervous... had my last couple of sips of water then me and my Mother headed off to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital and made our way to the admissions lounge in Ward 5. I got called in to first see a nurse, then the anesthetist, then the consultant, then the anesthetist once again. I told them I do not want an Epidural, however the surgeon wanted me to have one, so instead I opted for a single injection at the base of the spine which lasts for about 16-18 hours - can't remember what it was called though.

So the afternoon came around and I got my call... I started pooping myself with nerves. I got onto the bed and was wheeled into the waiting area outside the operating theatre. I got asked a few questions and then had to leave my Mom as I was wheeled into the theatre and as I went in there I noticed loads of knifes, needles and bars which made me panic even more. I then hopped onto the operating table and had a cannula placed into my hand. The anesthetist then said to me "I'm going to inject the anesthetic now, see you later". I was then injected and I was panicing shouting "I'm scared, I don't want it anymore, I'm scare..." then I was under.

All I remember then was waking up being transferred to the HDU Ward 4 (High Dependency Unit) and to be honest I can't remember even having an operation - I thought I didn't even have it done, but as soon as I woke up properly my brain got back on track and I sat there looking at my newly shaped chest. Now I did notice too that I had 3 cannulaes in my hand, a few monitors over my chest and a piss bag (which was connected straight up my uretha [up the penis] straight through to my bladder). I spent most of that day relaxing and recovering and finally was allowed some food, luckily I didn't throw it back up.

The following few days just involved me having to learn to walk on my own again and also do some basic phsycio exercises to keep my chest in repair. I've been on various different types of medication and been on a PCA morphine machine too. I was then allowed to go home today (Sunday) as I was no longer on the machines or needing any phsycio or any teaching for walking. I am however still in pain from the Operation and my sides are still very sore and my chest is still very tight too (feels like a thousand elastic bands around my chest).

Hopefully the pain settles down in the next week. Now, you should be upto date with everything that's happened. Any questions about it, then please feel free to comment on any of the Pectus Excavatum stories. :)


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