19th Jan 2006 05:00am
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I believe I have accidentally dropped my ID card in with some items that I posted to people on eBay ... eek! I'm such a dickhead! >_<


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20th Jan 2006 22:41

...but such a nice dickhead, hope you get it back. :D

By John


21st Jan 2006 00:18

Just got an email from one of the people that I posted it to... he he, my ID card was in there! He he, I'm so stupid. Will get it back soon! :D

By Dale Hay


23rd Jan 2006 11:50

well done dale u noob

By dom


23rd Jan 2006 14:42

you are so cool i love you i am from kettering i was on the jcb website and i woz going through the doodle pages and dalehay.com was scibbled all over one of the pages so i went on your website and u r so god damn fit

By hannah


23rd Jan 2006 14:43

i f**king love you

By hannah


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