21st Feb 2010 02:17am
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Myself, my Mother and my Sister left for Nottingham on Saturday night (13th February 2010) for a night ghost hunting at Nottingham's Galleries of Justice. We left Atherstone around 5pm and got to Nottingham fairly quickly... however when we did arrive at Nottingham we had never seen a city centres travel routes so messed up! One way systems, tram lanes, confusing bus lanes, no entry signs and also the usual fecking "Diversion" signs... so after arriving, it did take us 2 hours going around the city centre before giving up and just parking in a car park and just walking through the city. This method proved to be a hell of a lot easier! Also I believe it to be a hell of a lot easier to navigate around London than it is there!

We got to the Galleries of Justice and were given the usual Health and Safety info, then we were given a tour of the building with a few bits of information about each section of the building, then we were allowed to be set loose around the 6 (or 7) floors. My favourite bit was the cave (about 6 floors beneath the surface of Nottingham) ... I did also spend a while in there, in the pure darkness - I was singing a nursery rhyme at the time too.

After being allowed to venture throughout the different rooms, hanging cells, chapel, washing room, etc... we then all met back up again and were introduced to the medium of the evening. Once we met him, we split into two groups and went to certain locations with one lady that works for the ghost hunting team, then afterwards we'd swap and go with the medium. When we were with the lady (Mandy) we ended up going to the Chapel and doing some glass moving and while that was happening that's when I went into the cave and sat for about 10-15 minutes. I felt really safe and homely in the cave.

When we swapped we went to the medium who took us into the hanging room and did some calling out. My Mother's coat kept getting tugged and I found it quite funny (and so did the group too) when I said out-loud "I know I don't usually say this, but Millie... TOUCH ME!" (Millie was the ghost that the medium picked up on). Once we finished in the hanging room, we moved to one of the chambers where it was really small and felt very claustrophobic.

Throughout the night there was the odd bump and bang and the odd "growl" that we couldn't find a reasonable explaination for, but all in all it was a really good night. I'd like to go back there one time - maybe even stop for the night ... on my own! Or go to other places too and do some ghost hunting as it's a subject that I really like and have been interested in for a long time.

Below are some pictures that I took, there would have had been more but I didn't get anymore.


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