13th Feb 2010 02:31pm
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Well tonight is the night I go with my Mother and Sister to Nottingham for a night of ghost hunting in the dark and dreary Galleries of Justice in Nottingham. The investigation starts at 9pm and goes till 5am in the morning and after reading a few things around the internet, I'm looking quite forward to it.

Living TV's Most Haunted team have described the location as "one of the scariest places they had ever visited. They captured strange gurgling sounds emanating from the caves as well as numerous unexplained banging sounds and apparent poltergeist activity. One member of the crew also claimed to have witnessed the apparition of a small child."

So it should be a fun night and I hope I see something decent... oh and I sooo want to sit in one of the cells on my own in the dark... that'll be great.


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