12th Feb 2010 10:16pm
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If you're an Eastenders' fan like myself, then you'll more than likely be currently still interested in this long running storyline of "Who killed Archie Mitchell?". Well we ain't got long left now till we know who the killer is and the best bit about it is that even if you look online everywhere or if you're a friend of one of the cast, then you will NOT find out ... no matter how drunk you get them. Why? Well it's simple... they've been given 9 different scripts - one for each of the suspects if they were the killer and basically the person who is the killer will get notified ONLY a few minutes before that scene is about to be aired on BBC One next Friday ... LIVE!

I'm looking forward to the live episode next week as I'm expecting someone to fluff up their lines and also I think only the killer will get notified so it'll also be a shock for the rest of the crew too. So, who do you think the killer is?

Could Archie Mitchell's killer be Ronnie Mitchell, Peggy Mitchell, Janine Butcher, Jack Branning, Sam Mitchell, Phil Mitchell, Bradley Branning, Ian Beale, Stacey Slater, Grant Mitchell, Ryan Malloy, Roxy Mitchell, Lucas Johnson, Glenda Mitchell, Pat Evans, Billy Mitchell or Tracey The Barmaid??

Even though this person isn't in the list, I think it's Dot Cotton! He he.

Oh, also in tonight's episode, it did make me think it may have been a male that did it as at the end of the show when the ring was taken out of the draw, the hand in the glove looked male. If, however, it turns out to be a female, then the Eastenders production crew need to sort their stuff out.

Anyways, give me your feedback and views...


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