8th Feb 2010 10:44pm
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I decided to have a look around on the internet to find the worst (and some funny) TV Licence excuses when people who haven't got an up-to-date TV Licence get caught.

  • My dog watches it while I'm at work to keep him company - not me.
  • The subtitles on my TV are set to French so I'm not paying a UK tax for something I can't read.
  • My wife has her hair done twice a week, so we find it difficult to pay.
  • I haven't renewed my licence because my wife flushed it down the toilet, along with my wallet.
  • My husband has just spent 3,000 pounds on this massive flatscreen digital TV so we can't possibly afford a licence.
  • I couldn't make my last payment as my baby was sick on my shoulder and I didn't want to go to the shop smelling of sick because the guy I fancy works there.
  • I have not been making payments because a baby magpie flew in to my house and I have had to stay in to feed it.
  • I [he] forgot to pay as my [his] girlfriend had hit me [him] over the head with a hammer.
  • I'm not paying for a politically partisan media controller when I don't watch anything it produces.
  • I want the license abolished cos I really think a media completely controlled by right-wing plutocrats will provide me with better programming and accurate news.
  • I was stuck to the sofa thanks to Derren Brown's show on Friday night.
  • Because my [her] cat had got sick down the back of the set and blew it up.

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