7th Sep 2009 11:00am
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Yay! I've finally got internet. Now considering Virgin Media said they were going to be around mine to install everything between 1pm and 6pm ... they decided to ring me at 8.45am (which I missed) then 8.50am (which I also missed) then 8.55am (which I missed again - come'on I was sleeping) then at 9.05am (which I answered) ... they said they'll be about an hour if that's OK with me, so of course I said "Yes".

Now they're currently here drilling away - which I'm not sure what my neighbours will think of it - oh well stuff them! I need my internet and catch-up services fix! Right ... the hole has been drilled now and they're threading through the cable from the hole drilled in the drain outside and also the grass they've dug up. I can see the modem... oh I've just noticed... the Virgin Media installation guy has took his shoes off... why? If the carpet gets dirty ... then it gives me something to do.

Well everything is now installed... plugged in... and fireman sam is on. Wonderful. Well now I have internet ... YAY! :D Oooo better check my grass outside ... *goes and looks* ... it's flattened back down... brilliant! Well 10/10 for the service, natter and speed of installation. :D


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