24th Aug 2009 02:34am
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Well by the looks of it, if you're in Scotland then you may get a tad bit of windy weather on Wednesday 29th. The reason being is (at current) Hurricane Bill is roughly on the eastern sides of Canada and is heading towards the United Kingdom with Scotland being its main target point. Obviously this target point can / may change over the next 24-48-72 hours however it looks like a slight Tropical Depression (a cyclonic storm with a mean wind speed of 39mph and less for more than a minute) will hit Scotland on Wednesday. So expect wind and rain. I will try my hardest to keep you updated on how Hurricane Bill is going at the moment, but if Bill does reach Scotland then it'll just be named as Tropical Depression Bill. Oh and according to the charts, Bill is due to hit at around 2pm (however I'm not sure if that's 2pm GMT, BST or other??!)


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