2nd Jul 2009 02:29am
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Not really much of a major update, but on Tuesday I got my letter from my surgeon asking the George Elliot hospital, if they're able to book me in for CT Thoracic scan. Today (well technically yesterday - Wednesday) I took it into the hospital and gave it to them.

The lady on the reception desk of the X-Ray department wasn't sure that they do CT scans (or that she wasn't sure they did CT scans for the thoracic area). So she asked someone else, who said "Yes" and she just confirmed my name, date of birth and address... took my landline / daytime number and then told me that they'll send an appointment date out in the post.

So, that's all that's really happened since I've been to Heartlands Hospital. Oh, something slightly on-topic, but not.... those alcohol gel-based hand things... my goodness, don't hospitals go a bit over the top on them... there must have had been about 4-5 bottles that you can use on just the reception desk itself! Let alone loads of big signs saying "Please wash your hands with the gel provided upon entry and exit of this area" ... I mean, yeah OK, it's nice to stay safe from infection... but I was just handing a letter in! However, once I get started on them things... I can't stop... I find them brilliant! :p

Right, I'll stop blabbing now... I'll update you all soon on further progress!

Oh, one final note... Thoracic is pronounced four-rass-ick


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18th Nov 2012 21:32


By vanvargealt


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