1st Jun 2009 12:45pm
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This morning I ended up getting my referral form from the nurse practitioner. I was hoping I could goto the hospital in Leicester (as I've heard good reviews about it there for the Nuss Procedure) but sadly my choices were either the University Hospital of Coventry and Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham.

I have chose to go with the Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham (though I almost panicked when I saw on the website that Good Hope was kinda part of it too... Good Hope, yeah right... you go in and you never return). However luckily the hospitals are far apart and I have just this second finished booking my appointment. The receptionist that took my booking has mentioned that she'll be faxing my information over to the relevant people and that they'll be contacting me back soon (Hopefully in the next few days).

I'm actually suprised that everything is happening so quickly so far. Quite suprising, though I take it once I have seen the relevant people and they've told me everything and I'm put on the waiting list, I'll probably be waiting months - if not, years! Oh well... worth giving it a go.

I'm still very weiry about having the epidural - that's the only thing that's worrying me, as I hate anything to do with the spinal section of the body (I used to keep my ears shut during Biology lessons at school when spinal talk was happening too).

Right, lets see how long it takes for me to be contacted back.


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1st Jul 2009 18:20

My 13year old son had this procedure last Tuesday and The Childrens Medical Center in August Georgia if you have any quesions feel free to ask me.

By Robyn


1st Jul 2009 18:22

Sorry noticed a typing error, just in case you didn't get the first message my 13 year old son just had this procedure last Tuesday if you have questions.

By Robyn


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