17th May 2009 10:37am
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I suppose it's time I did an update. Well where to start first... hmm... well I ended up getting a letter from the doctors the other day stating that the nurse practioner that had seen me before about my chest has been "trying to contact me" ... like bollocks has she. Anyways, she wants me to go for a "reversibility testing" thing... not sure what it is - though I have done a good old? Google search on it and I think it's something to do with breath tests or something like that to see if my lungs are fine, but low-and-behold the usual "you smoke, blah blah" nonsense will dribble from her gob. Also I think she may have like put me on the wrong thing... as a the letter mentions about inhalers... oh well, that's going to be on Tuesday 26th May anyways... but I've (luckily) got another appointment there tomorrow afternoon to see (not my doctor - as he isn't available this week nor next week, as he'll probably be swanning off and living the high life relaxing on a beach somewhere, drowning his sorry life away) ... *cough* ... anywhos... oh yeah, so I've got that appointment tomorrow so I'll see what that bloke says. I think it's the doctor who diagnosed me with epididymitus when I was just turning 16 (and that flared back up just before I was 18) ... it's one hell of a painful thing.

Right, so that's my health out the way... next... oh turd! ... I've just got an email from GoDaddy saying Sound Upload is expiring tomorrow ... oh balls, talk about awkward timing. Suppose I better skank some money from my mother to cover it. Erm... what else is there... erm... oh I've been searching around online to start writing stuff up about all the Open Source / Free Alternatives to "Paid Software" that's lying around on the net. I've mentioned before on here about Spotify [Story: 569], which I'm hoping you've gave a go... though they still haven't got any of The Beatles stuff on there yet. I might even make my playlist and post the link so if you're using Spotify, it'll show all my songs that I've got listed.

Now going back last year, when Britain's Got The Pop Factor... and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice was on... well obviously I had to buy the CD, because Geraldine McQueen is like a legend. Well I only noticed earlier when I was looking on WikiPedia about Michelle Mc-massive-anus-Manus that her first album is the same as The Winners Song cover... then it all fell into place, that Peter Ka... I mean, Geraldine McQueen based herself on her. God, I'm so slow!

Been playing my Goonzu Game after redownloading the game client again... half a gig download from a foreign server, with no option to shove it on a download accelerator... I've never seen something as slow since dial-up was around at the turn of the millenium... 2kbps. Though it came down, patched it up too (had to do that manually - grrr!) and also now there's also three servers on there... though I just stick to the Zeus server. Lost my Warehouses and my horse died, so I've now got a horse that has legs that run really fast, yet it only moves slowly... it's so funny... I can't actually ride it as I always end up giggling too much to play properly.

Right... I think that's a big enough update for the moment. Anything else, I will update. (Especially will be updating tomorrow, when I find out what this other doctor says...)



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