4th May 2009 03:12am
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Well as I'm starting to focus quite a bit on getting people on here, I've started (as you can probably tell) writing bigger articles and not leaving so much time between posts.

As you can see too, there is now a "tags" bit under some of the stories (I haven't finished doing it yet). This will allow you to check other stories with the same keywords in them. For example, if you're looking for a tutorial then if I've done one, it'll come up with you search the tags for tutorial. Very handy for search engines too.

I'm still also pondering on the layout of the site... see I really like it as it's vibrant, funky, unique and one that you're not going to forget as it stands out. However if I do decide to change it... I've got to think about what to. Colours, styling, layout, etc.

And on a final note, I've changed the layout (just a few pages left to do) over on Sound Upload. The site is still up and running and the lyrics section on there is still doing pretty well, with some of the lyrics clocking up 15,000 views in a few weeks.


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