1st Apr 2009 05:45am
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Wow! I've just been watching BBC Horizon on the iPlayer and have really learned something amazing. Other than finally understanding about all the usual mathematics that you learn in school when doing geometry (1 dimension - a line, 2 dimensions - a square, 3 dimensions - a cube) ... I'm starting to believe the theory of the 4th dimension.

Now during the episode, I did start understanding a lot more about other things... but the one thing that got me really thinking about it - oh hold on... need the toilet... ... ... ... right am back, where was I... oh yeah - the one thing that got me really thinking was when a professor talked about how many people believe the universe is, in its 4th dimensional state, a donut. He explained this theory when Alan Davis played a game of the classic Atari game Asteroids. When you go off the top of the screen, you appear at the bottom and when you go off the right-hand side of the screen, you re-appear on the left. With the way Asteroids works, it basically backs up the theory that the universe is a donut.

Then to top it off, at the end of the episode, Alan Davis randomly presumed that if light were to travel from Earth and carry on (as we all know, light doesn't stop) it would - if the donut theory is true - carry on forever and - in theory - loop back around the universe and hit us "in the back of the head" (as quoted by Davis). Which to the suprise of the Professer, he said that what Alan had just said is true and that is what everyone is looking for now in space...

The final line that the Professer said was something along the lines of "... one of the stars out there that we see now, could actually be our Sun - just from years and years and years ago."

Now thinking about that - kinda going off the subject now - ... it makes everything sound logical ... and also the fact that if we could travel faster than the speed of light and get to that star in the distance and find that it is Planet Earth and the whole of our Solar System, would that mean that we'd conquered the mystery of Time Travel? (Of which it may also eradicate the theory of the Grandfather Paradox? As we haven't actually travelled back in time, but have - if you get what I mean?!)

Anyway, it's quarter to six in the morning... I really shouldn't be muttering all this. I'm off to bed... leave any comments or whatever you feel on the situation as you normally do. (Click news title and scroll down to the "Add Comment" section). Night!

? BBC Horizon: Alan and Marcus Go Forth and Multiply


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