24th Mar 2009 12:51am
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Hmmm... just saw a trailer to a film due out 29th May 2009 called Drag Me to Hell, seems a fairly decent-ish looking film.

I mainly prefer thriller orientation horrors than normal horrors and by the looks of the trailer... which made me jump two times (only because I have my headphones in and the volume is on full blast with no distractions around! - You all should try it!) the film looks fairly decent.

The story line is kinda normal I suppose... a lady ends up with the task of telling an old lady that she cannot have her mortgage payment extended for the third time and she starts begging. When the lady is leaving work to go home, the old lady strikes and sets a curse upon her and weird things seem to happen. Seems pretty good to me, so I'm looking forward to its release.

? Watch Drag Me to Hell


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24th Mar 2009 15:58

Wow looks sick!

By Martyn


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