24th Mar 2009 12:36am
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I have a huge fascination with the weather. Though what we get here in the United Kingdom is poo compared to the likes of the United States of America... with their 15+ inches of snow, deep freezes, massive heatwaves, hail stones the size of grapefruits, hurricanes, magnificent thunderstorms and lightning and of course tornadoes.

Not many people know though, the UK has more tornadoes than the USA - but that's only like that because that's measured by tornadoes by area. Though overall the USA have over 1,000 tornadoes a year! Ranging from just little funnels in the sky to full blown F5 tornadoes that cause total destruction wherever they go. Now because of my fascination, I decided to Google Video search "Tornado" and found a video that someone made of a F4 Tornado in Roanoke, Illinois on the 13th July 2004. Not only is he viewing it from (I believe) his house, but also he gets into a car and drives close to it... so close that he is in a Church car park and the tornado is in the Church Cemetry. He even gets out of his car too! Now I know that chasing them would be amazing... but getting out your car near one... hmmmm... that's just as bad as licking someones shingles... it's not a thing you do! (To make things worse though... he even has a cast on his leg!!)

Anyways, enough of my natter... here's the footage. (Oh ignore the first 43 seconds of the footage - it's just something from Psalms - ya know what the American's are like with their Christianity)

Roanoke, Illinois F4 Tornado (13th July 2004)
... erm... OK, I would embed the video... but by the looks of it... it's not embedible ... grrrr!

? Watch Roanoke, Illinois F4 Tornado


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