23rd Mar 2009 11:52pm
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Microsoft Windows 7 has already been released as a Beta version recently and the Release Candidate version is rumoured to be due around May time. Now it doesn't seem all that long ago that I remember my Father showing me Microsoft Windows XP and I was well excited! The way the screen faded to grey when you clicked the Shut Down option. It was all amazing. Now we've had Windows XP, Windows Vista and coming soon Windows 7 - also with Microsoft Windows 8 in the pipeline - I thought I'd have a little trip down memory lane and have a look at how Microsoft's Operating Systems have changed over time. Below is a list of them all, with a nice little picture to accompany them.

Microsoft Windows 1.0 (Released: 20th November 1985)

Microsoft Windows 2.0 (Released: November 1987)

Microsoft Windows 3.0 (Released: 22nd May 1990)

Microsoft Windows 95 (Released: 24th August 1995)

Microsoft Windows 98 (Released: 25th June 1998)

Microsoft Windows Me (Released: 14th September 2000)

Microsoft Windows XP (Released: 25th October 2001)

Microsoft Windows Vista (Released: 30th January 2007)

Microsoft Windows 7 (Released: 2009-2010)

Don't things change! (Sorry about the quality of some of the images)


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