23rd Mar 2009 10:47pm
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I got a tad bit bored today, so I decided to have a look around and see what free games people have been making on YoYo Games with the wonderful GameMaker software that Mark Overmars created and I ended up coming across a game called Gray and Green, so I thought "OK, I'll have a little go of it and see how good it is" - now this is mainly because the ratings for it were high. I downloaded it and played it and it is a pretty decent game.

The idea of it is that you start with a Grey (Amer: Gray) filled level - except for the sky and you have to basically go around the level (in a Mario style world) and collect various vials. Each vial is a different colour and once picked up turns a certain aspect of the level into colour (eg; green vial would colour in the trees, red for the roses, etc..) and once all the vials are collected - oh hold on a sec ... "Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!" ... sorry ... a song I'm listening to - anyways... once all the vials are collected then any enemies on the level die and a door appears in a random location, which you will then need to locate and use to progress to the next level.

There are 3 worlds with a handful of levels in each world, some easy and some very annoying. The only tip I'll give you though is if some levels seem impossible, then check the walls. Also there are a couple of cheats incorporated in the game too, which just change your face ... to find these cheats you need to look for a bottle that looks like it has a piece of paper in it.

Overall, I'd give this game 8/10. The only bad points is that I'm not too fond of the cheesy background music within the game and you cannot save your progress. Other than that - it's a great game to play.

Gray and Green works fine on XP and Vista - however I'm unsure about Pre-XP or if it works on W7.

? Download Gray and Green


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