23rd Feb 2009 04:07pm
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Well Atherstone is already starting to prepare for the wonderful 800 year old tradition of it's Shrove Tuesday Ball Game.

So far Keri Anns, Lloyds TSB and Somerfield have already boarded up their fronts and the pubs are fairly empty as people are saving up for tomorrow.

So, what is this Ball Game you speak of Dale? Well to those people that don't know anything about it, let me give you an extract from the Atherstone Ball Game website about it.

The game begins at 3pm when the ball is thrown by a local celebrity from the window of the Barclays Bank on Atherstone's main shopping street. The object of the game is to be holding onto the ball at 5pm, when a loud klaxon is sounded to signal the end of the game.
Things though seriously heat up as time goes on and the Ball Game ends in dozens of men literally brawling to get hold of the ball and to hold onto it. Many of the ball games more serious competitors often drink for many hours before the game begins.
There is only one rule, and that rule is the ball can not be taken outside the town. Anything and everything else goes. The winner in this no holds barred contest is the person holding onto the ball at 5pm.

I will be there getting pictures and recordings of it too... and hopefully - and I say that cautiously... I can be able to get close to the middle and take a few pictures of the middle of it all!

? Atherstone Ball Game Website


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24th Feb 2009 15:19

the ball game is well good Hello

By sophie taroni


11th Jul 2012 14:52

not that lonelyi did some scnroagflim the porch i didnt keep track of time, it was more of a stess test for my kneeit feels much better nowthat 10K really strained it

By Ismael


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