3rd Feb 2009 01:08am
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Well... what a day... thank you Eastern Europe for giving this to us. :) I ain't seen a snow fall like this in all my life! Finally! Though I would have had preferred this on Christmas Day.

Obviously loads of schools around the country were closed yesterday (Monday) and will be closed today (Tuesday) as a nice fresh band of snow is due to pass over the country. Obviously loads of extreme weather warnings are in force for the country.

I was shocked to hear too that this was the worst snow fall in 18 years, caused all the buses in London to stop (along with a mass load of the underground) - plus a few bus services around the country stopped too. Also with the lack of people at work today the economy has lost ?1.2 billion (pounds) !!

Well roll on the next band of it ... though I was shocked to find a 5 and half foot snowman on the drive. However if you are out... then be careful on the roads and don't forget to take the usual stuff with you (i.e; charged mobile, shovel, de-icer, flask, etc..)


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14th Feb 2009 15:02

I built that 5 n half foot snowman with scott...lol...but it was 4 the kids honest...lol

By kirstie


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