19th Jan 2009 12:36am
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Oh look... the powers gone again. Not exactly the best time for it to do it, though the sky looks so clear and starry.

The not-so-wonders of digital phones mean that we can't phone anyone to report the power cut... however hopefully someone else does it. It's well weird walking in the street too... no street lights, no house lights... just pure darkness and a faint sound of someones house alarm.

Also it only seems to be this side of the town (again!) Why?!

Oh actually on calling the council line thingy they've said Atherstone, Mancetter, Merevale, Grendon and other surrounding areas are affected and have been since 11:10pm. They've also said they believe it should be restored by 2.15am... (well depending on when I've posted it, will obviously show if it has been put back on or not).

Yay... all back on... only took an hour and 25 minutes. :)


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