13th Nov 2008 08:23pm
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Take a look at the picture below...

Atherstone Power Cut

The only light you see is of the car going past in the distance... well at around 5pm this afternoon (13th November 2008) the power went from pretty much the south end of Atherstone. Everything was dark... no street-lamps were on, no office buildings or businesses were open (as they closed due to no electric) and it was pretty eerey. Also the next town, Mancetter, was also out of power too. Luckily my house was fine - the only problems that we had was the lights would randomly flicker every now and then and the phone lines all went dead - meaning the internet also went dead too. Luckily it wasn't like the power cut in my street that happened about 3 years ago... that one lasted ages.

The power now is all back on, though I was told it did drop again about an hour and a half ago... but it's all restored now. I don't know what would have had caused it though.


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14th Nov 2008 18:13

DALE - you back in the middle of the land now then? Need life updates!

By Jonny


23rd Nov 2008 12:27




25th Sep 2012 05:18

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