9th Jan 2006 05:00am
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Well Chris Moyles has just started this morning! *woo* However they've changed one of there jingles and it makes it sound much worse. Usually its '*beep* *beep* One Road Travel with Dominic Byrne' however they've ruined it with '*beep* *beep* New and Improved One Road Travel with Fabulous Dominic Byrne'. Bloody ruin it why don't you!! >=[


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10th Jan 2006 01:05

bring back sexy Scott :)

Cant be doing with BEEP BEEP ORT -

:) dalehay.com
:D dalehay.com
:( dalehay.com
;) dalehay.com


Love you !
By Pete

10th Jan 2006 21:34

The only reason I like Scott Mills on in the morning is when the "Laura's Diary" feature was on. :)
By Dale Hay

10th Jan 2006 22:37

Be sure to visit - http://unofficialmills.freshosts.com/index.shtml as they now have a podcast with all of "Laura's Diary" on it as well as loads of cool show clips :)

Dale - Question for you - Why is it for the smileys you have the : D as a :) when it should be a :D you have them the wrong way round bud.

Love you
By Pete

10th Jan 2006 22:39

AAAAAAHG - Smileys -aaaaagh you have your images the wrong way round bud - have a look at them and do them and you get the wrong thing but the right thing - if you think thats confusing -
By Pete

10th Jan 2006 22:45

Yeah, i've noticed they're the wrong way around the other day. However it's sorted now. Also yeah I downloaded the PodCast of Laura's Diary yesterday and was listening to it before college.
By Dale Hay

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