29th Oct 2008 11:14pm
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Wow. Talk about things being blown out of proportion!

Ok, I hate Russell Brand and can't understand Jonathan Ross however I think this recent "prank call" incident has just gone off the rails a bit. Ok, so what? They did 4 prank calls to Andrew Sachs... with Jonathan Ross saying Russell Brand has slept with his grand-daughter. To be honest, I'd find that more amusing than anything else... not because the fact I ain't got a grand-daughter... but just for the sheer comedy behind it. However Andrew Sachs' Grand-daughter, named Georgina Baillie - yes, I don't know who to hell she is either, has said she is happy with the outcome of it all.

What is the outcome? Well Russell Brand has quit his ?200,000 a year radio show on BBC Radio 2 - with future stuff from him being pulled. As for Jonathan Ross, it's still unsure if his Friday Night show (filmed on Wednesdays) will go ahead. I think this is all a bit stupid to be honest... I mean, I've heard worse from Chris Moyles over on Radio 1 ... or is Radio 2 the station that you cannot sneeze on without getting a complaint? (Might be mixing that up with Radio 4 actually, not sure).

Though I now believe I may have come up with something, hear me out on this... maybe the BBC want to lay off Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross (either the Beeb want to do it or it's their decisions) and they thought "Ahhh, let's do something outragious", so they do the prank calls - pretending to do it innocently - then get that slut-dog-whore Georgina Ballerina-women to complain and make it the top story for the past 2 days on BBC News... they lose their jobs and no questions are asked. Woohoo a BBC Conspiracy Theory!


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17th Nov 2008 03:30

couldn't agree more about how outrageous this whole thing is to be honest. Wogan luckily agreed with you and me :)

By Durkin - Go Holga


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