22nd Oct 2008 12:51pm
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Geraldine McQueenYay, my CD turned up today. I thought I'd support Peter Kay for his latest thing, so I got the Geraldine McQueen's song "The Winners Song" from HMV. It arrived today, also 2 Up 2 Down's version is on it too with "Losers Version" wrote after the title of their song. Right, time to overplay the song!


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22nd Oct 2008 20:57

I bought mine of itunes as I am modern!! lol
Using safari - only just occured to me that I have it and am having issues with IE and their pop up blocker (ie I actually WANT pop ups to be able to appear but wont do it!). Seen convoworld has gone walkies again - darn people not talking so will talk on here!! Hope all is good in Dale land. Enjoy the ride x

By Jonny


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