20th Oct 2008 09:56pm
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Apologize on Fruity LoopsWell I thought I'd fire Fruity Loops up again and play around... now I've currently kinda done the backing of Apologize. It's not really that hard... I just watched a tutorial for it being played on piano on YouTube then whatever keys the person was pressing, I added it in on the piano roll. If you click the image on the right you'll see the piano roll (also if you are wanting to learn to play it on a keyboard / piano then you can follow this as an example too!). The keys are pretty simple... the left hand is constantly C (both octives), Am / G# (both octives), Ef (both octives), D (both octives). Then the right hand is a bit trickier but basically repeats every 4 bars.



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28th Oct 2008 16:19

Very nice!

By Jay


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