17th Oct 2008 01:10am
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Geraldine McQueenWell I've done it... I love the song so much that it is constantly being overplayed on my mobile also predictions show that it's now the 2nd highest selling single this week... a few more sales and Leon will not get to number 1 this week - yay (Not fond of his new song). I've brought it... yes... I've actually brought a CD that I think the money goes to charity or something, not 100% sure on that though. I did look on Play.com and it was ?2.99 on there with free delivery, Amazon had it for ?1.69 but without free delivery, eBay was ?1.69 with ?1.90 delivery so instead I just got it from HMV.com for ?1.99 with free delivery. Two weird things though... firstly there was no SOLO option in the card payment type on HMV.com even though the SOLO logo was at the bottom of the page, so I ended up just trying the MAESTRO / SWITCH option and it worked. Secondly the payment has gone from my Available Balance on my bank account but weirdly it has only taken off one pound and not one pound and ninety nine pence (no complaints from me though about that!)

Can't wait till it arrives! Can't beat a bit of Peter Kay. Also I heard in the grapevine that he might be doing a Christmas song too (probably to compete against the XFactor winners song). One final thing too, the Peter Kay's Britains Got The Pop Factor program ended up getting the highest viewer ratings for Channel 4 this year (not 100% official yet though) with it having a 20% viewing share over every other channel on TV. Nice one!

? Geraldine Mcqueen - Winners Song Lyrics


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2nd Jun 2009 05:53

I really liked this post. Can I copy it to my site? Thank you in advance.

By KrisBelucci


2nd Jun 2009 12:40

If you wish to KrisBelucci as long as there's a link back then it's fine.

By Dale Hay


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