2nd Oct 2008 11:03am
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If you try opening dalehay.com.me and get a script error, then this is because you're more than likely using Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2. I tried it and all I get to see is one post and the advert then the error would stop the rest of the page loading and firing at me with this error message:

Message: HTML Parsing Error: Unable to modify the parent container element before the child element is closed (KB927917)

The reason this is appearing is because it's in Beta mode the development tools are still on and I'm unsure how to turn them off (not an IE person!) But if you're not using IE8 and are still having problems then I don't know... just don't use a browser that sucks.

? FireFox
? Safari


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11th Oct 2008 15:49

I`m using Fire Fox

By Bill


6th Dec 2008 18:40

No it's not because IE8 is beta.

The same error on the web site will intermitently give you an unable to access the web page in IE6.

It's really a bug in all versions of IE some thing to do with the XML parser.

I'm still looking for a work around.

By Steve


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