25th Sep 2008 09:51pm
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dhSpyWell I don't know if to be happy or what. I've just done a seach for dhSpy (to see if the name is unique) and on Google it showed all the free download websites that have the file on, however I found two results that were a bit, well, urgh. My program is on Warez sites (Warez sites are basically the dark side of the internet, the underworld, where you can download full programs and games, cracks and serial numbers illegally from home-based servers). Now considering anything on warez sites is usually commercial licensed stuff and costs money to have the full version, I'm a bit mythed as to why my program - with is free - is circulating on these underworld sites... more publicity? Maybe. Oh well, it's not losing me any money anyways as it's a freeware program, so continue as you will...

Note: Warez sites and similar sites are illegal. Do not use / support their illegal activities.


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