25th Sep 2008 09:26pm
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Servage Stats for Sound UploadWow... just logged into my Servage account (my host for Sound Upload) and checked Sound Upload's visitor stats for the last 7 days and as of about 9pm (BST [GMT+1]) there were this. Impressive? I'm liking it, though it would be nice to have them figures making me more money on Google AdSense than they currently do. I mean, I get a payment every month now - guaranteed - from Google, but having a lot more money would be even better. Also a thing that is worrying me, is that Servage only allow 400,000 impressions a day - so if I get four times the amount of traffic that I currently get then Sound Upload will be down pretty much every evening. So I'm thinking of buying a dedicated server for just Sound Upload, though they are pricey, it would allow me to have a load more visitors and also a load more files on there, however I think I need to act fast as Sound Upload is currently at 95.8GB in file size and that's excluding the database.


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