23rd Sep 2008 08:56pm
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Them teaching adverts really, as Peter Griffin would say, grind my gears! Why? Well they show the teachers giving fun lessons with classes about the solar system being done outside the classroom. Balls!! It's not done outside the classroom... I remember it being "look at the textbook, page 24, read it and right up notes about it". I think the only practical lesson I did was using a bunsen burner and putting something on it. Oh and something we all went outside for was when the teacher put, I think, Potassium in a tub of water and it explodes in a purple display that looks more like a cheap rip-off version of a fireworks display. Thought I'd just get that off my chest.


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24th Sep 2008 19:11

I take my kids outside to do things like risk assessment of a car park and to drop eggs from a height to see if the protection they've made them works so there!! :p

By Jonny


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