17th Sep 2008 10:21pm
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Simply Put. Wankers.

For some reason someone who has an email account ending in verizonmail.com has hijacked and taken over my email account. Blocking my access to it and now I cannot even reset the password because this dickhead has changed the backup email address. So please do not contact me through the contact form or send an email to me as I cannot read or reply to it.

I am trying my hardest to go through everything linked with my email address (PayPal, dalehay.com, Sound Upload, TLA, TNX, etc...)

Update: Also my Servage hosting account (that holds Sound Upload) has been hijacked too, however I can still access my FTP.

Update: I have updated most things to another email address and the contact form is back working and re-routing to another address instead of the previous gMail address.

Final Update: Google has contacted me back and have gave me access back to my account. Thank you Google.


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