11th Aug 2008 03:49am
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If you've heard of the "Smash My" craze that was all over the internet back in the early Playstation 2 days, then you should see this "new-ish" craze... "Will It Blend?". Basically a certain item gets picked and you get to see if it gets blended... now I've chose two videos of "Will It Blend?". The two items are the iPhone and the iPhone 3G... will they blend? Watch them...


iPhone 3G

(Oh and *yay* this is my 500th post!)


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11th Aug 2008 07:35

Yeh I watched all the "will it blend" video's some time back, them Blendtec devices are super cool! Coster-Coffee use them.

Did you get my MMS of your sister?

By Dad


11th Aug 2008 14:45

Yeah, I got the MMS of her - but which girl is she... the one in the middle or on the right?

By Dale Hay


11th Aug 2008 17:14

I thought I said in the MMS which one she was.... it's the girl on the right, I think she looks the spit of Kirsty.

By Dad


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