8th Aug 2008 12:14am
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Freeview on Computer Tutorial

Everything, especially in the United Kingdom, is turning digital now. Analog Television is already starting to be turned off and many options are available now for watching TV - like Freeview, FreeSat, Sky or Virgin. Digital Radio's can also be bought to listen to the radio in crystal clear quality - unlike the old "welcome to thi... *hiss* *hiss* *hiss* .. ow on the program.. *hiss*". Now I always watch Freeview on my laptop (With having Dave as one of my favorite channels)... how? Here's how.

Items Required

- Computer or Laptop
- V-Gear Pocket DTV
- Relevant Software
- A TV Aerial (Either a single one or using the one on the top of your house)

Computer or Laptop

You will need a computer or a laptop (something with over 32MB RAM and 15MB of HDD Space)

V-Gear Pocket DTV

This is the main "daddy" of this whole operation. Basically a V-Gear Pocket DTV thing is a small white box that connects to your computer via USB and allows a TV Aerial to be connected to it.

Relevant Software

The only software you will need is the drivers and the video software. The drivers will come along with the V-Gear Pocket DTV box that you purchase - they'll be on a CD. The video software that you need will also be on the CD too, if not then you can download it from the internet (more than likely the official website). The program to view it is Elsavision 460D Player. Elsavision 460D Player is just like Windows Media Player but works with various capture devices like digital video broadcasting devices.

A TV Aerial

You will obviously need one of these. You can get a cheap one (like I did) from Argos - one that looks like a fish *woo*. It only cost under ?5... they also have an offer on every now and then too, so you'll always find a nice cheap one OR if you really want, you can just use your external outside rooftop aerial.

How It Works

Once you have all the above equipment, hook it all up. So install the drivers on your computer from the CD that came with the V-Gear Pocket DTV Box, then plug the V-Gear Pocket DTV box into your computer or laptop using the USB cable supplied and then plug the TV Aerial into the box. Your computer should recognise it and Elsavision 460D Player will more than likely flicker onto the screen then disappear. Now open Elsavision 460D Player (it'll be in your Start menu) and you should be able to watch TV. If no channels are present, then press ' E ' on your keyboard and a settings window will appear. Choose the 'Scan Channel' option and under 'RF Frequency' choose 'Range', with it starting at '474.00' and ending at '858.00'. This will search pretty much the whole of the UK Digital broadcasting frequencies. After the channels have been found they'll appear in a list next to it and you will be prompted to save the list - of which you need to do so. Now enjoy the telly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Record Live TV?
Yes! Just press ' R ' while watching the channel and it'll flicker and start recording. For a 77 minute recording it will use around 2.1GB of space - so make sure you've got enough hard drive space.

Does It Have a TV Guide?
Yes, however the TV Guide reads its information from the internet and not through the TV signal. But to be honest the TV Guide on the program does lag a lot and keeps refreshing every second so you can't do anything. I'd suggest using an online TV Guide website instead.

Can I Book a Recording?
Yes. Press ' E ' to get to your settings and select 'Record'. You'll see a box at the bottom, where it allows you to put in the channel and the time you want the recording to start and stop. This will work as long as your computer is on and the Elsavision 460D Player icon is on in the system tray (down by the time).

What can I use to watch my recordings?
The recordings are made into a '.mpg' file (so MPEG) and can be viewed in pretty much everything - Windows Media Player, WinAMP, QuickTime, RealPlayer or even Elsavision.

What about a screenshot?
Taking a screenshot is easy, just press ' G ' when watching TV and it'll do a screen capture... very handy for saving funny faces or finding typo's on news channels (*cough* Clicky *cough*). Screenshots are done in '.bmp' (Bitmap) format so take up a bit of filesize per picture (around 1.2MB each), just use a free program to convert it to a different program.


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13th Dec 2008 11:34

hi can you please tell me if you can get freeview now for your tv or computer in australia 15 channels free kool

i wont it i lov my tv hope it got good movies and sports

channels ASAP let me know if i can get it now

and how do i get it

By peter


13th Dec 2008 16:32

You can get it... it's been out for a long time - however because I'm in the United Kingdom, I cannot personally pick up Australian TV Networks through it, however you being in Australia then I think you'd be able to pick up all the normal Freeview channels that you have over there.

You should be able to pick up: ONE HD, ABC1, SBS TV, Seven Digital, Nine Digital, Ten Digital, ONE, ABC HD, ABC2, SBS HD, SBS2, SBS World News, Seven HD/SCTV, Nine HD.

Hope that helps. :)

By Dale Hay


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