19th Jul 2008 02:48pm
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Melissa TottenMom... I'm friends with Madge. Yup... look at the picture... ain't it cool. :D

Ok, ok, ok... not the REAL Madonna but the worlds famous look-a-like of Madonna. Her name is Melissa Totten and she performed at 286 in Lewisham last night for Klub Kamp hosted by KlubKidz (Jason Prince and DJ James St. James). The evening was wicked!! It was a great night and also I can try and pull it off that I've met Madonna. The video of her performing will be up on YouTube later as I've gotta convert it from 3GP to AVI, split it, then upload it to YouTube.


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19th Jul 2008 16:27

arrrr how lovely dale..u look strate hahaha

ive emailed u a cuple of times wheres my replys??

love ya big, little sis.xx

By kirstie


19th Jul 2008 19:58

I always look like that... muppet. I've had a shave though... so I look younger.

By Dale Hay


20th Jul 2008 10:16

i ment you look strate cause its u and a GIRL if no one new u were gay n mum put that on her wall people wud think ur 2geva. and dale...have u photoshopped that photo? as i dont see any spots?
send me a email yea.. when u coming up?

love ya big, little sista.xx

By kirstie


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