11th Jul 2008 07:00pm
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The first Hurricane of the Atlantic Hurricane Season is up and running. Hurricane Bertha is currently a Category 3 (which is the middle classification a hurricane can be (1 small, 5 huge)). I'm calling her Big Bertha because she has broke 3 records so far for... the most-eastern forming tropical storm forming at 22.4W, the most-eastern forming hurricane at 50.2W and the most-eastern forming pre-August major hurricane at 52.1W. Bertha is also the sixth strongest pre-August Atlantic storm since records began and is the third strongest storm in July (behind Dennis and Emily in 2005).

Luckily Bertha is not heading towards any land and may just stay out at sea but who knows? She is also looking to weaken to a Tropical Storm around 4pm (GMT/UTC) Tuesday.


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