1st Jun 2008 01:54am
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At 8.30pm yesterday evening over 2,000 people decided to spend the last few hours of the commuting day by having a good olde piss up on the Circle Line. Why? Well because now, well for the past (almost) 2 hours, it is illegal to have an open container with alcohol in it on the Underground (Underground, Buses, Overground Trains, DLR, basically any piece of public transport). This is mainly one of Boris Johnson's changes to London as Mayor that is visible. He believes it will cut down the amount of abuse and harassment the public transport staff get... though if you was on your own and (now) told a group of mouthy you-know-whats to throw away their beers... I doubt it would end pleasant. All in all, it's a kind of good / bad move... oh and the RMT (Rail Maritime Transport) people also think it's a silly idea.


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