2nd Jan 2006 05:00am
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Just thought i'd plug a website (as much as I hate advertising). The website is called A Reason to Smile. All it is, is a website that shows pictures of people smiling, simple but very great! I'm the 10th person on there (from the right - newest additions get put at the front). Now you can add your smile on there too, by going to their site and sending them an email with a picture of you smiling, and a link to any charity (either something that means a lot to you, or you just like). Oh and in the email include that you found out about them from 'Dale Hay . com'. Cheers!


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2nd Jan 2006 21:17

u sure thats u on the 10th?

By Matteh


2nd Jan 2006 21:31

Yeah it is ;)

By Dale Hay


2nd Jan 2006 21:31

10th (from the right)

By Dale Hay


2nd Jan 2006 21:36

dont look like you

By Matteh


2nd Jan 2006 22:36

It is me though. Trust.

By Dale Hay


3rd Jan 2006 10:58

i belive you ;)

By Matteh


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