12th May 2008 09:38pm
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I really want to know why people complain about things they see in Eastenders? Yes it is a TV show and it's made up however to be honest about 99.9% of all the things you see in Eastenders happen in real life. I have just read an article on the BBC News website mentioning about the complaints recieved about Eastenders' scene where Max Branning is drugged, put into a coffin and buried alive by his wife. In my eyes that's just TV but could happen somewhere in the world... however they recieve many complaints, but take a second and think about the news channels that tell you worse things.

If we go back years ago, Ian Huntley and the two little girls or Sarah Payne or even Madeline ... they have not been complained about. Though some might say "that's because there has been no violent pictures etc.. etc.. shown of them". Ok then, so what about when the news shows videos and stuff of people being blown up, beaten by police and also JFK (if any of you can remember watching it or viewing it on YouTube). John F Kennedy was shot ... yes shot and him being shot was shown on television! Why didn't that get complaints?!! It totally confuses me.

Just remember, television is television. A huge percentage of people buy television magazines and know what is going to happen in the next week of the soaps, so if you know what will happen and you're offended by it then a simple solution is DON'T WATCH IT! The same with if you know a program is going to be racist towards black or white people and you're the race that will be targeted, then don't watch it.


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12th May 2008 23:28

sarah payne, or madeline wudnt get complained about because they r unfortinate abductions that sickos do but eastenders 4 example she was trying to kill her husband becuz he cheated on her, but what gets me is everybody new what was going to happen it was in the papers on the tele on the internet so everyone new what was going to happen anyways, so whydid they watch it then complain? why didnt they just NOT watch it?? Sum people r dumb

By kirstie


13th May 2008 04:19

You can't beat the English "soaps", I'm still a fan of Coronation Street even after being away from england for nearly forty years.

By Ken Nickless


13th May 2008 04:28

Ken - I'm slowly getting bored of Corrie... then again I haven't actually watched it for a while. Do you have old episodes or current episodes shown in Australia?

By Dale Hay


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