1st May 2008 09:52pm
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My Mom's truffles are the best! I am being serious! They are "home made" and I tell you the amount of rum she puts in them is the right amount. The amount of stuff that I drink, I don't like rum, however when she does rum truffles they are lovely, so I take it rum and chocolate go nicely together... well it should do considering I love it. The thing that makes me laugh is the fact that when I goto the Royal Mail office to pick it up, the envelope on its own stinks of rum. I'm suprised they allow it to go through the post!! He he.


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4th May 2008 13:18

I think im spoiling u too much with all these rum truffles,will have to try some other alcohol ones and post them down to you...hope the postie reads this then he knows what to expect...

By mom


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