24th Apr 2008 07:30am
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Sound Upload

The biggest online encyclopedia, Wikipedia... I'm on it! Well my name is on it, but mainly one of the sites that I run is on it.

I produced an article for the site earlier and have just this minute added a page on there about Sound Upload. Woo!! Hopefully the article don't get deemed for deletion!

» Sound Upload on Wikipedia


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24th Apr 2008 22:02

Its gone ;]

By Matt (The good old young un!)


25th Apr 2008 01:09

Yeah, they tagged me immediately for speedy deletion. Gutted.

By Dale Hay


25th Apr 2008 01:50

Aww that's not fair :( Good try gettin on their though :P I'm gonna try sometime :D

By Tristan G


5th May 2008 20:00

Good try. How long was the page up for?

By Mike


5th May 2008 21:18

Mike - Not long... probably a whole 30 minutes, then it was taken off due to it being "unsuitable for the site" and "not of any interest". Bastards! :(

By Dale Hay


8th May 2008 13:40

This is amazing. How do you make it? I really like to know about this and want to make my name up to wikipedia too.

By lifeplayer


8th May 2008 19:30

When you search for an article that isn't there it gives you the option to create an article, then all you do is fill in the information that is needed.

The reason they removed me is because the page is irrelevant and the site can go on there if I have won an award.

By Dale Hay


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