13th Apr 2008 10:17pm
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Step 1

Create a new document / image with the size of your desktop (if you are unsure what size your desktop is then just press the PrtSc (Print Screen) button on your keyboard and Photoshop will automatically set the correct size! Handy tip there!)
Rainbow Desktop Background

Step 2

Make sure your colours are reset (Foreground - Black and Background - White) by pressing 'D' on your keyboard. And create a new layer.
Rainbow Desktop Background

Step 3

Now make some clouds by going to Filter -> Render -> Clouds
Rainbow Desktop Background

Step 4

Now add "plaster" to the clouds by going to Filter -> Sketch -> Plaster. Leave the settings to their default selection.
Rainbow Desktop Background

Step 5

Now we'll need to add a Motion Blur to it. So Filter -> Blur -> Motion Blur (Angle: 90, Distance: 999)
Rainbow Desktop Background

Step 6

Finally to add our finishing touch to it, right click the new layer and goto Blending Options and goto Gradient Overlay and use the following settings.
Rainbow Desktop Background

There you go and it should look very nice. (Like mine!)
Rainbow Desktop Background


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