26th Mar 2008 02:49am
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Ok, I haven't released another copy of it just yet because I am stumped with some of its coding... well the playlist. I had two decisions either save the playlist in the registry or save it on the harddrive in a file, which I opted for saving on the harddrive. Now the filelist saves and it loads (saves on closing and loads on opening, YAY!) however for some reason I can get it to save the full path of it, but when it retrieves the data from the file - which shows the full paths - I cannot get it to show just the filename along with, when saving, it saving the full paths again. Writing this makes it sound soooo much easier but I can't seem to get it to work.. all those loops and trys.

When I sort it out I'll release another copy... of which will mean all I have to add afterwards is the capability of it changing to another track when it has finished playing the current track. Not so hard IMO.


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27th Mar 2008 14:30

Well show the code in question then........

By Dad


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