22nd Feb 2008 06:03pm
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Yes, you heard me right... I like my DuMP... ... ... ... ... NO! You dirty minded fools! Not the poop sort of dump, but Dale's Unique Music Player. It's a new media player I am making which is compatible on, dare I say it, Vista... as well as other operating systems like XP.

At the moment the development has only really started this morning so there is not really a whole lot of goodies to talk about or to see/hear. The development page for DuMP is located in the Programs tab at the top of the site.

» Dale's Unique Music Player


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22nd Feb 2008 19:07

Do I get to see the source code this time so I can take the p..., oh sorry I mean give constructive critism

By Dad


23rd Feb 2008 00:16

No you can't... and anyways the code is off the top of my head from what I remember from your Beatles program. :)

By Dale Hay


23rd Feb 2008 12:04

Wow that was ages ago, that code was probably crap...

You mentioned Visual Studio 2008 in a previous post..... If you've jummped from VS2003 to VS2008, don't forget to checkout the code syntax changes for VS2005, there's lots of shortcuts you may not be aware of that you couln't do in VS2003 like defining a varible a giving it a value at the same time, example:
Dim i as Integer = 4
For i as Integer = 0 to 9
But I'm sure you'll work it out...

Yes if I see you source I can give you some advice You wanna see some of my source? Add modules to tutorial?

By Dad


23rd Feb 2008 17:12

Yeah I totally skipped VS2005. Ah so using:
Dim i as Integer = 4

Is a cleaner way of this:
Dim i as Integer
i = 4

Also I am doing the music playing stuff through DirectX AudioVideoPlayback... as that's pretty simple. Audio.Play() ... though I am finding it annoying on how to stop a piece that is playing. I have tried Audio.Stop() also Audio.Stop() with Audio.Dispose() afterwards, but nothing seems to stop it. I have even tried:
Audio = Nothing


By Dale Hay


24th Feb 2008 01:58

A little difficult to answer that without seeing more code......... You can't just say audio.stop...... did you start it correctly? Did you make an instance of it? like, Private dXAudio As Audio or Private WithEvents dXAudio As Audio so it's global to that class/module/form and not just in one subroutine/function. Did you start it by saying dxaudio.start (and not audio.start) and again, dxaudio.stop (not audio.stop)..... you have to have an instance of it. Does that make sense? It's late and I've been drinking

and yes, checkout VS2005 tutorials and "what's new" rather than VS2008 stuff which at the moment is kind of pointless. 2003 to 2005 had some dramatic (and good) code changes.

and one last thing for now...... MsgBox(i) is not VB.NET!!!! It's VB6 code. Using 'legacy' code with make your programs run slower and less efficient than both the VB.NET equivalent and original VB6 versions. Keep a watch on that.... don't use things like: Chr$() or Mid() or vbCrLf and msgbox and many many more, they're all VB6 commands, use the proper .NET stuff, it's much better. Example (msgbox) MessageBox.Show (vbCrLf) Environment.Newline

Anyway, too drunk to continue, good job, this would have ended up a book.

By Dad


24th Feb 2008 02:04

I've got it to work, I just had to stick a "Dim" thing in another place and it works fine. I've currently got it to (now) play, pause, stop. Also it has a timer on and all that stuff. :D I'm just about to upload a preview of my previous build (before I had the "stop" problem)

By Dale Hay


24th Feb 2008 02:23

OK that's good news.

By Dad


24th Feb 2008 02:24


By Dale Hay


24th Feb 2008 02:32

You're up late.... drinking too?

By Dad


24th Feb 2008 03:39


By Dale Hay


24th Feb 2008 10:54

Your name gives another possible name for this - HuMP... Maybe you need a poll to find the name?! DuMP vs HuMP

By Jonny


24th Feb 2008 14:08

What would the "H" stand for though?

By Dale Hay


24th Feb 2008 16:41


By Dad


24th Feb 2008 17:59

Stupid Dale!! lol

By Jonny


12th Mar 2008 20:33

Another update is due in a few days... I've just been really slacking at development.

By Dale Hay


12th Mar 2008 20:39

Another update is due in a few days... I've just been really slacking at development.

By Dale Hay


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