17th Feb 2008 05:22pm
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I popped to Argos earlier and I was going to get some Mega Blocks (not the normal big baby blocks that they do, but their Micro series - which is the same as lego, but cheaper [1,900 bits for a tenner]), however they never had any in stock and I wasn't going to pay twenty quid for 1,400 pieces. So instead I ended up getting 2 other items. One is a Motion Lamp, well basically a lava lamp as they're so cool and so relaxing - at the time of writing this I am just waiting for it to start going as the wax has now melted but is just staying at the bottom. Also my other item is going to be my fun new toy which will also have its own section on here. It's a Triop set, similar to the old Sea Monkey sets that you can get, oh yay! the lava lamp is starting to work, oops sorry. Yeah so what I will be doing is starting my Triop set soon and then report on each days progress relating to what has happened and what should be happening too. Only downside is that they cannot grow in tap water as the chlorine in the water will kill them. I am should a child still... at the moment I am really happy at seeing the wax going up and down he he. Oooo I feel like going to Wetherspoons in a bit...


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